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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Petition for Assunta

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There's a petition going on over at Assunta Alumni. Apparently it's to fight to keep the culture that the school has always been having, such as :

1) The change of sports houses' names to Wira, Samudera, Buana and Suria
2) The change of prefects' uniform colours to navy blue with maroon ties

Traditionally, the Sports Houses are known as Assunta, Clare, Francis and Hermine. I believe they're names of Catholic saints? As for the prefects' uniform colours, they were brown and white with beige ties. These traditions have been in existence for ages, probably since Assunta school was formed by Sister Enda Ryan. To change them, it's like changing our identity. By the way, it also changes our school song. No way we can do that.

I don't know if these changes affect only Assunta Primary schools, or include Secondary school as well. I've only studied in the Secondary school, nevertheless it will be awfully sad to see the heritage fade away. Assunta has always been a mission school, why do we need to change that?

Oh well.. Just doing my deed.. If you agree that such tradition should be maintained, go over to Petition Online and sign it. It doesn't matter if you're an Assuntarian or not. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This Blog

It's easy to own a blog, but it's tough keeping one. Well.. That's a different story altogether if one frequently updates it. Otherwise, it will be just like this one, updated probably once or twice in a month. Which is sad, really.

Of course, a blog is like a diary, except that there's a possibility that at least one person out there in the great, wide world would read it. True enough, we have the freedom to write whatever we like in it. It's where we can express our angers, sadness, joy and thoughts, regardless of who reads it, isn't it?

But that's the problem. Strangers read about your intimate feelings. People around you will somehow accidentally "land" onto your blogspace. Things you don't want certain people to know about but you write about it, and eventually, someway somehow, they know about it. What if I wanna rant about someone? What if I wanna write about any skeletons in my closet? It's... It's awkward lar.. Freedom of speech or not, people who are close to you, will also judge you by your writings.

There are so many things I'd just want to write about, but at the end, I didn't because of issues like these. Therefore, I've created another blog quite some time ago and remain anonymous there. No such luck of revealing the link to you. Sorry... That's where I'll write all my inner thoughts without ever fearing of any consequences caused from my writings.

But of course, I will still update this blog, just that, whatever I write will probably be a bit general. Or I can put up photos. Or, I don't know.. Anything goes.. I might even have duplicate entries in both of the blogs. If you happen to chance upon that mysterious blog and think that you've read it before over here, yup, that's me. Lucky you! Hehe..

Thanks for popping by. Do check on this blog occasionally, though. I won't let it die. Who knows, maybe I have another entry up my sleeves now. :)

Have a good day, everyone!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Post CNY

Oh wow. I haven't been blogging for nearly a month now. Not that it made any difference, did it? How are you?

CNY came and went. Angpows collected. Lion dance performances witnessed. I actually saw a 'lion' fell off from a pole (horror!) at Amcorp Mall. Relatives visited. Reunion dinners attended. Listing of nieces/nephews (from my cousins' on dad's side) increased to at least 20 now . *Gasp* And a lovely newborn cousin brother, who looks exactly like our late grandfather (mum's dad, he passed away in early 1997). "Reincarnation", my mum and her siblings always said. "Small Father!" as they refer him. Hehe..

Had a mini 'lou sang' dinner with family at home last night for Chap Goh Meh, and 'tong yuen' for dessert. Mum heard from the radio that ppl normally have 'tong yuen' on the 15th day of CNY, I always thought it was only eaten during the Chinese Winter Solstice!

Now that the CNY celebration is over, it's time to open the angpow packets!! *nyek nyek nyek*

Friday, February 04, 2005

Tomorrow's Triple Occasion

... For which I will not be able to make it. *sniff*

The gang (Laine, KY, KLing, Zona, Julia & SC) are having a celebration over at Julia & SC's place. It's been a while since I last saw them.. What are they celebrating? Julia's much belated birthday, Zona's birthday in advance, and CNY. I heard YM's coming up from S'pore as well. *Sighz* I'll be going down to Malacca instead for baby Andrew's baptism..

Look at what the menu for tomorrow's dinner is gonna be like :-

* Roast chicken
* Soup + bread rolls
* Lasagne
* Sushi
* Salad
* Cake
* Fruits
* Ice-cream
* Yee sang

I'm gonna miss out on the company and the food!! DAMNIT!! I shall have to console myself by having chicken rice balls and 'luk luk' in Malacca then.. To the gang, may you all have great fun tomorrow!! Happy Birthdays, Zona & Julia!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Chin Haw & Wendy's Wedding Photos

Continued from here...

I've finally collected all the photos and Chien's video I could get taken during Chin Haw & Wendy's wedding. *Phew* Tough job, considering there were so many duplicated copies and I've to filter them out for the final video.

Anyway, here are some of the photos.. Sorry, selective photos only.. I'll try to get an online photo album to dump all of them in. Anyone knows of a good site?

Ok back to the photos..

The 'heng tais' (brotherhood), all geared up before leaving Chin Haw's place to face the 'chi muis' (sisterhood)'s "punishments"

And they kissed

Chin Haw & Wendy outside Wesley Church before the ceremony

The SAM table

Chin Haw & Wendy pouring champagne

The Sheffield table

And Sunflower House's family photo to end the memorable occassion

Alright, looks like I can start editing for the final video now. YAY! The video's gonna consist of about 450++ slides of photos and many short clips. Hopefully enough to fit into 1 CD. It ,of course may not be as 'changgih'-fied as the one that will be done by the hired professionals, but hopefully, it will be as sweet and memorable as the one I made for the Sunflowerians. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

2 Hour Blackout

We had power shortage at about 12.25pm, shortly before lunch break (I couldn't heat up my nasi lemak!). We thought this was normal (power tripping is a VERY common thing in Elid), only to find out that the whole area was affected too. I seriously pitied our next door neighbour, Secret Recipe. Sure make losses... Us? 'Lepak je lar' in the R&D room as darkness surrounded us. Couldn't really go out, anyway, too hot to even want to picnic at the 'taman' in front of our office. Hehe..

Then realized everywhere else also 'kena' - Damansara Perdana, UM, Sunway, Subang, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Mid Valley, Bukit Jalil.. Heard that a power generator in Cameron's was shut down also.. Even had trouble making calls from the handphones.. Aduhai.. Thank goodness Bangsar (or rather, my area) was not affected at all!! Coz we've got renovation going on at home! Hhm.. Must be the fact that we chose a good date from 'tong sing' (Chinese almanac) for renovation. Hehe.. Mummy must have been soooooo glad...

Anyway, wanna know the cause? It's due to power tripping in Kapar's power station.. You can read that news here. Other news related to the blackout are in The Star, The Sun, Bloomberg, TV Smith (this is damn cute) and Jeff Ooi. More of fellow bloggers' point of views are in Visa, PapiMami and Oliviasy. ;)

Now that electricity is back, it's back to work for everyone!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Wedding Dinner

Last night's dinner ceremony was held in Royale Bintang Hotel. Good thing that I was there at about 6pm with Hochai & Chien. Apparently there was a heavy traffic along Jln Bukit Bintang. Most of the attendees arrived late coz of that, so dinner only started at 8.30pm.

Despite that, everything turned out well. The ballroom was very well decorated. Wendy was stunningly beautiful. The Chinese course was not too bad. A presentation on Chin Haw & Wendy was shownr. Their relationship started in 1996 when they were both in Form 5. It went on to both of them attending colleges, then it was the long-distance relationship before he finally came back to Malaysia for good. Then they both started working and now, they tied the knot and are now Mr. & Mrs. Wong.

I've been through long-distance relationship before, so I know it's tough. So much of trust needed, and of course, keeping the communication alive. I would buy a Stg 30 phonecard every week or so just to call sayang, e-mail him as many times in a day as possible, and write letters to him every week. Not forgetting that I had to consistently assure him that there was nothing going on between me and the 5 guyz I stayed with, who have seen me in my best and my worst states. I'm sure Chin Haw went through a tough period as well, and I hope that, in one way or another, I had helped assure Wendy that there were no sparks whatsoever flying between me & Chin Haw. They're the most long lasting couple I've ever known and I'm seriously honoured to be able to share this very historical moment with them. I was flabbergasted when the presentation showed a picture of the 6 of us in our graduation robes, standing in front of the 'University of Sheffield' signboard. ;)

Other than that, I had a lovely time catching up with my classmates from SAM and Sheffield. It's been ages since I last saw the SAM ppl. Everyone is looking good, successful and they're all getting married one by one. These are the people I hung out with during class for 1 year. I realized that I didn't spend a good deal of time with them throughout that 1 year, I just hope that they'll forgive me for neglecting them.

I didn't take much pictures from my camera. But I'm supposed to make a video for Chin Haw, so I should be getting all the pictures from Chien and whoever else were holding cameras. I shall put in some pictures later..

Many Congratulations to the perfect couple I've ever known ==> Chin Haw & Wendy!! May both of you have a lovely honeymoon in Mauritius!!

[Updated] See here for several photos!